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The Cusco Project tells an empowering story of a 40 year journey for the band members of Arcoiris de Cusco. They are a band of virtuous musicians from Cusco, Peru who have, since 1973, interpreted the in very a unique way, songs of various genres using Andean instruments, gaining a personalized fusion that has surprised the world.


There is something in how they adapt these songs that allows you to feel Bach, Mozart or Mikis Theodorakis in a distinct, intimate, and personal way.


The Cusco Project unveils Arcoiris de Cusco in a way that rescues those important life events that molded them as human beings, as musicians, and as a group, to transform those experiences into the raw essence of their latest work. In The Cusco Project, we witness firsthand the creation and live performance of their latest musical work; whose repertoire is based on a hindsight look to the past, each life stage inspires for specific reasons, and a musical piece is carefully selected to beautifully end each chapter. And then we reach the present, the last musical piece fulfills a longtime dream and it represents the future, Arcoiris de Cusco internationally plays one of their compositions accompanied by a symphony orchestra.


Nothing has been able to quiet the voice of Arcoiris de Cusco, neither the national terrorism, nor radical government influence, or urban violence. The anecdotes occur one after the other in The Cusco Project: hopes, deceptions, happiness, and a feeling of loyal brotherhood within their members, a peaceful communion between who they are now and their origins, and most of all, the constant search for artistic achievement which is reflected in the simple act of sifting through the world’s musical preferences and interpreting them to the sound of their instruments, their music, and their heritage.



Director’s Note:

Through The Cusco Project and the story of Arcoiris de Cusco, you will find the reality of a country, the hidden truths of a city; we teach its culture and idiosyncrasy; we show the world what it means be a musician in this part of the planet; but about all, we tell a human tale, a tale about the universal right of fighting for your dreams, of battling against any adversity for the deep-rooted and basic need of making them come true. In times where Art is being removed from schools, the goal of this documentary is to serve as a source of inspiration for today’s youth.


Kenneth O'Brien LLontop

It all started in Cusco, Peru where Kenneth was born and raised. After many years of nourishing his creative energy in the Andes, he moved to Lima to study Filmmaking at Toulouse Lautrec Institute.


After completing his diploma, he then moved to Miami and initially deployed his skills making music videos and directing spots and commercials for the Hispanic market in the US.


In 2007 after being nominated for an Emmy™ Award on his post production work on a US Hispanic Docureality series, he directed his first feature film: Duelos de pasarela which was selected by several festivals, including the Festival de cine de Cancún and the Delray Beach Film Festival. At the time, he also focused his energy on directing his short film Detrás de mis ojos, featuring at several festivals, including the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Festival de Cine de Lima and scooping up prizes such as Best Short Film at the Florida Media Market Global Conference.


Kenneth was also nominated for a Latin Grammy™ in 2012 on the “Best Music Video” category for his directorial work on “En el Tiempo” a song  from Colombian singer Rakel. He is also being awarded with The Telly Award, The Communicator Award and The Addy’s 2011 and 2012 for his work on advertising.


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